Dan and IR Davies stagecoach


The boy at the front of this stagecoach is probably Dan Davies (born 1887). The bearded gentleman is certainly his father Joan Ryydderch Davies. Given that Dan seems to be about 10 years old, the photo would have been taken in about 1897. By that time Aberystwyth was connected by railway to London so presumably the stagecoach was used to go elsewhere. Dan was born in Islington, London - but his father did originate in Wales. Megan Tuckey could only recall that her grandfather came from a place starting in "Aber". When the photo is enlarged the name "Waterloo Hotel" appear in the rings on the stagecoach. At that time the Waterloo Hotel on the seafront at Aberystwyth was run as a temperance hotel and hydro (salt water baths) by the Morris family - whose name also appears on the stagecoach.


  1. Davies, Joan Daniel Rhydderch