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This photo is a copy of a small battered original that Granny Tuckey (Megan) had re-processed and enlarged. She left no note as to what the event was or who is in the photo. It seems to be her baptism party. In the top right hand corner, the man with the beard is her paternal grandfather, Ioan Rhydderch Davies – he was to die suddenly in West Africa just 4 months later. The man on the front row with the white shawl is Aubrey Vincent Leigh Davies - the step-brother of Megan's father, Dan. Aubrey was a barrister and lived for many years in Singapore. He died there as a Prisoner of War just a few months after the Japanese invasion in 1942. The lady to the left of Aubrey is probably his wife Margaret Amelia (nee Taylor), she was in Singapore with Aubrey but whether she escaped in 1942 is not known. To the right of Aubrey are Megan's parents (Kate and Dan Davies). The lady with baby Megan on the second row might just be Kate's sister Annie Melicent Lister. Annie Melicent is named as sponsor (godparent) on Megan's baptism certificate along with her (Megan's) parents. On the back row, the third person from the right would appear to be Hannah Eliza Davies - Ioan's wife. Megan was baptised in the Church of St Saviour, Westcliff (Southend-on-Sea) on 30th May 1920.

I don't recognise any other of Kate's sisters or her mother in the photo (Kate's father, William Henry Lister died in 1909 and her step sister Zipporah Mary Lister had disappeared by then.) I know the names of Kate's brothers: George Edgar Lister, Henry Fillingham Lister and William Robinson Lister but, regrettably, I don't know what any of them looked like. Maybe some or all of them are in the photograph. If anyone could enlighten me, I would be delighted to hear from them.

It is possible that the picture was taken in Wales, amongst the Davies family - in fact I do wonder if the lady between Ioan Rhydderch Davies and his wife is his mother. I only know that her husband was Daniel, a farmer of 160 acres and born in Llanybydder, Carmarthenshire, Wales

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