Lister, Zipporah Mary

Birth Name Lister, Zipporah Mary
Gender female
Age at Death 74 years, 10 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth March 1873 Glossop, Derbyshire  
Death 1948 Cheshire  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lister, William Henry
Mother Woodcock, Sarah
         Lister, Zipporah Mary
    Brother     Lister, Lewis William
Father Lister, William Henry
Stepmother Wilkins, Eleanor
    Half-brother     Lister, William Robinson
    Half-sister     Lister, Eleanor Maud
    Half-sister     Lister, Kate Muriel
    Half-sister     Lister, Hilda May


    Family of Hurd, James Milner and Lister, Zipporah Mary
Married Husband Hurd, James Milner
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage January 1896 Barrow in Furness, Lancashire  
  1. Hurd, Claude Frederick M
  2. Hurd, Zipporah Lilian A


Zipporah Mary Lister was the first child born to William Henry Lister and Sarah Woodcock in Hayfield, Derbyshire, March 1873. A brother, Lewis William, was born in Glossop, Derbyshire two years later but Zipporah's mother,Sarah, died the same day. Lewis William died aged just 9 months. Zipporah's father re-married in London just 6 months after the loss of his first wife.

In his will dated 1901 Zipporah's father refers to Zipporah "having left home several years ago without leaving any message and having not communicated since".

Zipporah is shown aged 18, living with her parents in the 1891 census but was not listed with the family in the 1901 census. Indeed, in 1896 she had married James Milner Hurd, an engineer, in Barrow in Furness and had a family of her own before the next census.


  1. Lister, William Henry
    1. Woodcock, Sarah
      1. Lister, Zipporah Mary
        1. Hurd, James Milner
          1. Hurd, Claude Frederick M
          2. Hurd, Zipporah Lilian A
      2. Lister, Lewis William


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