Tuckey, Charles Sheffield

Birth Name Tuckey, Charles Sheffield
Gender male
Age at Death 62 years, 1 month, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 20 November 1865 Ardchattan, Argyll, Scotland  
Marriage 9 January 1889 Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland  
Death 1928 EDINBURGH Midlothian Scotland  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Tuckey, Charles Alfred
Mother Taylor, Sarah Ann
    Sister     Tuckey, Sarah
         Tuckey, Charles Sheffield
    Sister     Tuckey, Susan
    Brother     Tuckey, Robert J
    Brother     Tuckey, William Henry
    Brother     Tuckey, Arthur Ronald
    Sister     Tuckey, Louisa Alicia


    Family of Tuckey, Charles Sheffield and Chadbourne or Chadburn, Louisa
Married Wife Chadbourne or Chadburn, Louisa
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 9 January 1889 Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland  
  1. Tuckey, Charles
  2. Tuckey, Louisa



Charles was born in 1865 at Inveresregan - a large house 1.5km east of Ardchattan, Argyll, Scotland. Ardchattan is a remote village with a Priory (where Charles' father was the butler) and a few houses. It is on the northern shore of Loch Etive a large tidal loch a few miles north of Oban on the west coast of Scotland. Sometime between 1867 and 1874, the family moved from Ardchattan to Trinity, Edinburgh. By 1881 Charles Sheffield T, aged 15, was living with an aunt (maiden name Tuckey) in Rugby - where his father was born. His uncle was a grocer in Rugby employing 6 people and it is likely that Charles was learning the ropes. Charles married in 1889 in Leith, Edinburgh (whilst his wife was from Rugby) and their two children were born in Leith.

Charles became a Master Grocer working in a high class grocer's shop on Edinburgh's Princes Street. It seems the shop served the gentry - wealthy account holders - who were served on an individual basis. Charles' grandson Fred used to recount how as a child he was not allowed to enter the shop but could only look in through the window.

Charles' middle name - Sheffield - is the maiden name of his father's mother.

Ancestry .com has this item:
1881 England Census
View Image Name: Charles Sheffield Tuckey
Birth: abt 1866 - Scotland
Residence: 1881 - Rugby, Warwickshire, England

Note: The current dwelling at Inverreragan (or Inveresregan) was built around 1924. The previous building was there in the time of the 1745 uprising and was owned at one time by a tobacco importer and snuff manufacturer. The house was seized by the Excise and sold into the Estate that still owns it and much of the area.

Closer to the road than the dwelling at Inveresregan is an older stone barn that was the mail sorting office in Charles' time there. The mail would have arrived on the Bonawe Ferry before being sorted then delivered to the Benderloch and Barcaldine areas.


  1. Tuckey, Charles Alfred
    1. Taylor, Sarah Ann
      1. Tuckey, Sarah
      2. Tuckey, Charles Sheffield
        1. Chadbourne or Chadburn, Louisa
          1. Tuckey, Charles
          2. Tuckey, Louisa
      3. Tuckey, Susan
      4. Tuckey, Robert J
      5. Tuckey, William Henry
      6. Tuckey, Arthur Ronald
      7. Tuckey, Louisa Alicia