Finney, Elizabeth

Birth Name Finney, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death about 85 years, 3 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth between October 1860 and December 1860 Over, Winsford, Cheshire  
Marriage calculated after 1881   After census of 1881
Death calculated about 1946    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Finney, Thomas
Mother Blackburn, Mary Ann
    Brother     Finney, Edwin
    Sister     Finney, Hannah
    Brother     Finney, William
    Brother     Finney, Lewes
         Finney, Elizabeth
    Sister     Finney, Mary Ann


    Family of Shackleton and Finney, Elizabeth
Married Husband Shackleton
    Family of Bennett, Frederick and Finney, Elizabeth
Married Husband Bennett, Frederick
  1. Bennett, Lily



Elizabeth lived on a farm in Winsford with her great aunt Lizzie Naylor. She went into service in Manchester at the age of 10 - joining her eldest sister Hannah who had a good position there.
She first married Shackleton - no children - he died when his gall bladder burst. She then married Frederick Bennett. Elizabeth died at the age of 85.

Lily Spencer (nee Bennett) thought Elizabeth met Frederick at the Morning Star in Featherstall Road. The 1881 census shows Elizabeth Finney as a servant at 111 Featherstall Road, Oldham (aged 20). Assuming this is "our" Elizabeth she would presumably have married Mr Shackleton after the 1881 census.


  1. Finney, Thomas
    1. Blackburn, Mary Ann
      1. Finney, Edwin
      2. Finney, Hannah
      3. Finney, William
      4. Finney, Lewes
      5. Finney, Elizabeth
        1. Shackleton
        2. Bennett, Frederick
          1. Bennett, Lily
      6. Finney, Mary Ann