Tuckey, Eliza

Birth Name Tuckey, Eliza
Gender female
Age at Death less than 53 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1849 RUGBY Warwickshire England  
Death calculated before 1902    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Tuckey, John
Mother Sheffield, Mary Anne
    Brother     Tuckey, Thomas
    Brother     Tuckey, Charles Alfred
    Sister     Tuckey, Mary Ann
    Brother     Tuckey, Henry
    Sister     Tuckey, Susan
    Brother     Tuckey, James
    Brother     Tuckey, John
         Tuckey, Eliza
    Sister     Tuckey, Louisa


    Family of Greene, Richard and Tuckey, Eliza
Married Husband Greene, Richard
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 5 March 1876 Stanhope Street Chapel, St Pancras, London  
  1. Greene, Florence



Eliza was Ann Morgan's great grandmother. Ann has been researching her family tree (including the Tuckeys) for over 25 years - as at 2007.

Ann thinks Eliza was in service either in Hertfordshire or in London. Her husband, Richard Greene, worked at Euston Station. .  Their family were all born in Euston Street which runs direnctly in front of Euston station.  Eliza died before the 1901 census - before she was 51.


  1. Tuckey, John
    1. Sheffield, Mary Anne
      1. Tuckey, Thomas
      2. Tuckey, Charles Alfred
      3. Tuckey, Mary Ann
      4. Tuckey, Henry
      5. Tuckey, Susan
      6. Tuckey, James
      7. Tuckey, John
      8. Tuckey, Eliza
        1. Greene, Richard
          1. Greene, Florence
      9. Tuckey, Louisa