Davies, Joan Rhydderch

Birth Name Davies, Joan Rhydderch
Gender male
Age at Death 65 years, 9 months, 5 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1855 Llanybyther (now Llanybydder), Carmarthenshire  
Marriage 19 October 1886 Hackney, Middlesex  
Death 6 October 1920   Suddenly in West Africa


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davies, Daniel
         Davies, Joan Rhydderch


    Family of Davies, Joan Rhydderch and Wells, Hannah Eliza
Married Wife Wells, Hannah Eliza
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 19 October 1886 Hackney, Middlesex  
  1. Davies, Joan Daniel Rhydderch



Joan (nowadays the spelling would be Ioan) was born in Llanybyther (now Llanybydder), Camarthenshire in about 1855 - the son of a farmer.

According to his son Dan's marriage certificate of February 1918 Joan was a Superintendent of the Life Assurance Co and also a financier.

Joan married Hannah Eliza Wells in 1886 at the age of 31. Hannah had been married twice before and had a son by each of those marriages. James Henry Drake lived with the couple as a student but little can be found of what happened to him. Aubrey Vincent Leigh took his adopted fathers surname and became a barrister, ultimately with his own practise in Singapore.. He was to die as a P.O.W. of the Japanese in Singapore. A year to the day after their marriage Joan and Hannah had another son, Joan Daniel Rhydderch Davies. This son was was a gunner in the trenches in WW1 and went completely blind shortly after the end of the war. He ultimately saw his days out in an O.A.P.'s bungalow on Canvey Island, Essex.

It seems that Joan had shared ownership in a coal mine: Mr. J. Rhydderch Davies was at Bankruptcy Court on 15th of August 1894, when it was said that in 1889 he, with another, entered into partnership and acquired Glanamman Colliery, which was sold in 1890.

On the 1891 UK census Joan was shown as living with his wife, both stepsons, son and a domestic servant at 29 Stockwell Park Crescent, Lambeth, London. He declared his occupation as "Life Assurance Manager".

He had a substantial financial interest in a company set up to create the Port Biera Tramway, Mozambique around 1893 and 1894 - see the right hand side of the relevant image in the gallery below.

Joan was made bankrupt in 1894.

Joan was made bankrupt a second time in1908.

In his last few years he was working in Lagos, West Africa for the Life Assurance Co.

On one occasion he returned from Lagos, Nigeria as a second class passenger on the S.S. Akabo, arriving in Liverpool on the 10th February 1920. He described his occupation as "Timber contractor" and his address as Leighhall Stores, Leigh-on-Sea. This was two months before the birth of his granddaughter, Irene Megan Davies (later Megan Tuckey).

Shortly after attending Megan's christening in Westcliff on Sea he returned to West Africa where he died suddenly in the October. The family believes he died of malaria.



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  1. Davies, Daniel
    1. Davies, Joan Rhydderch
      1. Wells, Hannah Eliza
        1. Davies, Joan Daniel Rhydderch