Blackburn, Elizabeth

Birth Name Blackburn, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death about 76 years, 8 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth calculated about 1838    
Death 14 September 1914    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Blackburn, Samuel
Mother (Blackburn), Elizabeth
    Sister     Blackburn, Mary Ann
         Blackburn, Elizabeth
    Brother     Blackburn, John


    Family of Naylor, George and Blackburn, Elizabeth
Married Husband Naylor, George
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources


Lily talked of her \(great?) aunt Lizzie Naylor. Lily's mother, Elizabeth, lived with Aunt Lizzie Naylor on a farm in Winsford. She had no children of her own. Aunt Lizzies husband was a rogue - came home drunk from the market and the children had to hide in the hay loft. He left his money & house to his niece. Lizzie Naylor moved to Rose Cottage, High Street, Winsford. Elizabeth Finney lived on the farm with her until going into service at the age of 10 (around 1870?)

Winsford Census 1871 Folio 51 Page 3:

26 Over Lane
George Naylor H M 35 Ship Carpenter & Grocer Little Budworth Cheshire
Elizabeth Naylor W M 32 Over Cheshire
James H Davies Boarder U 22 Book Keeper Penzance Cornwall

Little Budworth Census 1881 Folio 61 Page1
4 Chester Road
George Naylor H M 45 Farmer 8 acres Little Budworth Cheshire
Elizabeth Naylor Wife M 42 Farmers wife Over Cheshire

Little Budworth Census 1891
32 Chester Road
George Naylor H M 55 Farmer Little Budworth Cheshire
Elizabeth Naylor W M 53 - Over Cheshire
Mary E Blackburn Niece S 21 General Servant (Dom) Over Cheshire
Thomas Bate ? Widr 75 Farm servant Over Cheshire
Harry Spencer Visitor 3 Over Cheshire
& others?
Note: Mary Elizabeth Blackburn is Elizabeth Naylor's brother's daughter.

Over, Winsford census 1901
124 High Street
George Naylor H M 65 Ship Carpenter - worker Little Budworth Cheshire
Elizabeth Naylor W M 62 - Winsford Cheshire



Memorial Inscriptions for Winsford United Reformed Congregational, Winsford, Cheshire:
Elizabeth NAYLOR daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth BLACKBURN died 14 sep 1914 age 76. Also David husband of Catherine NODEN died 7 Apr 1922 age 62. Also Catherine above wife of George died 26 Sep 1956 age 86.


  1. Blackburn, Samuel
    1. (Blackburn), Elizabeth
      1. Blackburn, Mary Ann
      2. Blackburn, Elizabeth
        1. Naylor, George
      3. Blackburn, John