Pool, Henry

Birth Name Pool, Henry
Gender male
Age at Death more than 0 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1852 Farrington Gurney, Somerset  
Death calculated after 1852    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Pool, John Marmaduke
Mother Gregory, Mahala
    Brother     Pool, John
    Brother     Pool, Mark
    Brother     Pool, Joseph
    Brother     Pool, Joseph
    Sister     Pool, Emily
         Pool, Henry
    Sister     Pool, Harriet
    Sister     Pool, Ellen
    Brother     Pool, Tom Rossiter
    Brother     Pool, Frederick
    Sister     Pool, Charlotte


The 1861 Census - Farrington Gurney Parish Res: Bristol Road- Piece 1681 - Folio 72 - Page 19 - Schedule 102

JohnPoolHeadM47Land DrainerGlastonbury
MarkPoolSonU17Land DrainerHinton Blewett
JosephPoolSon13Land DrainerSutton Week, Chew Magna
EmilyPoolDaur11ScholarSutton Week, Chew Magna
HenryPoolSon 9Farrington Gurney
HarriettPoolDaur 7Farrington Gurney
EllenPoolDaur 5Farrington Gurney
JohnPoolSon 3Farrington Gurney
Tom Rossiter PoolSon 1Farrington Gurney

The 1871 Census - Farrington Gurney Parish - Res: Road - Piece 2473 - Folio 96 - Page 17 - Schedule 88

JohnPoolHeadW58Ag LabGlastonbury
EmilyPoolDaurU21HousekeeperSutton Weeke
HenryPoolSonU19GroomFarrington Gurney
JohnPoolSon13Plasterer BoyFarrington Gurney
Tom RPoolSon11SchFarrington Gurney
FrederickPoolSon 9SchFarrington Gurney
CharlottPoolDaur 6SchFarrington Gurney


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  1. Pool, John Marmaduke
    1. Gregory, Mahala
      1. Pool, Mark
      2. Pool, Joseph
      3. Pool, Joseph
      4. Pool, Emily
      5. Pool, Henry
      6. Pool, Harriet
      7. Pool, Ellen
      8. Pool, John
      9. Pool, Tom Rossiter
      10. Pool, Frederick
      11. Pool, Charlotte